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In today’s online workplace, protecting your vital organizational data is a task that is both daunting and risk-prone.

You would have invested in Information Systems to allow information to be readily and conveniently available to your employees, partners, customers and investors. You need to ensure that these systems only allow access to your data, only to the right people.

For this purpose, it is important that a comprehensive Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment be carried out. This can lead to discovery of lapses in security that may have to be addressed through subsequent creation of an IT Security Master Plan, which may dictate enhancements in everything from improvements in certain company IT policies to rolling out of comprehensive Security Awareness Training.

IT Security Assessment and Penetration Testing

IT Security External Assessment and Penetration Testing.
IT Security Internal Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Network and System Security


Hardware compliance based
  • Firewall
  • Network Access Control
  • UTM with IDS & IPS
  • Cloud Web Security
  • Virtual Private Network (MPLS/SSL)
Software based
    • Antivirus Enterprise & Advanced


Wireless Security
  • Cisco ISE
  • Aruba – Clearpass
  • Ruckus
Server Security
  • Windows Server Security
  • File permission
  • IIS Lockdown
  • Linux Server Security
  • Critical Files & Permission
  • User & Groups
Data Base Security
  • MS SQL Server Security
  • Oracle Security
  • Defaults Security & Configuration Parameter
  • Inbuilt Security Controls
  • Oracle TNS Listener Security
  • Cryptographic Controls

Bottom IT security

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