Quick Heal – End Point Security (EPS)

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. (Formerly Known as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the leading IT security solutions company. Each Quick Heal product is designed to simplify IT security management across the length and depth of devices and on multiple platforms. They are customized to suit consumers, small businesses, Government establishments and corporate houses.

Over a span of 20 years the company’s R&D has focused on computer and network security solutions. The current portfolio of cloud-based security and advanced machine learning enabled solutions stop threats, attacks and malicious traffic before it strikes. This considerably reduces the system resource usage. The security solutions are indigenously developed in India. Quick Heal Antivirus Solutions, Quick Heal Scan Engine and the entire range of Quick Heal products are proprietary items of Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.

Seqrite – Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In today’s hyper connected world, mobile devices and applications have become an integral part of every organization’s success. IT departments are now tasked with looking into the life-cycle management of these devices. This task is made harder thanks to the popularity and growth of smartphone usage within enterprises to enhance employee productivity. However, when a new device is connected to the enterprise network the possibility of data loss, malware infections and other threats increases manifold. Seqrite MDM allows you to implement a wide range of device controls without ever having to physically handle a user’s device.
Functioning completely over-the-air, MDM enables you to manage and regulate comprehensive device policies and configuration settings. Once Seqrite MDM has been enabled, enterprise users are a simple click away from completely secured access to their business assets.


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